How to Apply for Ninja Warrior

How to Apply for Ninja Warrior

Want to get on to Australian Ninja Warrior?

It ain’t easy.  I have been fortunate enough to get on two seasons of Ninja Warrior in Australia, but it’s going to get harder and harder especially as the show gets more and more popular.

Let me run some numbers for you:

Season 1 – Roughly 6000-7000 applied, 600 did an audition, 250 ran the course & maybe only 70-100 of those people received air time.

Season 2 – Between 15,000-30,000 (I believe it’s closer to 15k) applied, still around 600-800 did an audition, 300 people ran the course and so far, a large number of ninjas (newbies & returning) Haven’t had their faces shown.

Even for us returning Ninjas, it’s getting harder and harder.

For season 3, I, unfortunately, won’t be making an appearance.

So you ask, “How on earth am I going to get on the show?” I’m about to tell you what I believe is the most important attributes that make up your application and will carry you to the big screen.

1) Compelling Story 

Without this, unfortunately, your application will most likely be unsuccessful.  Doesn’t matter what country you’re in, the producers want good, compelling stories that will engage with the public. This allows the audience to become attached to you and will increase your chances of not only getting an audition but competing on the show and getting airtime dramatically!

I can’t stress this enough. You have to be willing to dive into your past and potentially talk about things you don’t want to share with the public. Don’t ever do what you’re “truly” not comfortable with, but have a serious think about what you’re prepared to share.

2) Personality 

This is also critical. If your backstory is engaging, your personality needs to present well in order for the audience to engage with you. I also can’t stress this enough. This will have a massive impact on your ability to come back for future seasons. Everyone in Australia who watches Ninja Warrior knows Jack Wilson “The Deadly Ninja” or Olivia Vivian They are both our Ninja Warrior Ambassadors. Jack not only has an amazing back-story and an indigenous background, he is an extremely likable and well-spoken person.

Jack made it on to season 1 with a purpose of impacting the Indigenous community to become more active. He backs that up with all the community engagements he is involved in.

Olivian Vivian is probably the most impressive female Ninja athlete we have in Australia. She is an ex Olympic level gymnast who always had some flare when she performed.

She isn’t shy behind the camera and backs that up with serious athleticm. She has built a reputation amongst the American Ninjas as a fierce competitor in many in many of the local comps they have in the US.

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Speaking my mind on beliefs ? ft. Lola @kooriradio93.7

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??TONIGHT?? Me and my French tips are about to hit the Heats course for season 3 of AUSTRALIAN NINJA WARRIOR!!! . ??? . So excited and thankful to be back and given another opportunity to take home the title of the first ever Australian Ninja Warrior . ??? . After hitting a buzzer last year, I’m hooked on that feeling and I want more. Will I feel that satisfaction again, or am I going for a little swim? There’s only ONE way to find out… well two. You could ask me but I won’t tell you so tune in tonight, 7pm on @channel9!!! . ??? . LesssGoooo ?????? . #Ninja #Calisthenics #Fitness #Health #Strong #Flexible #workout #Gymnast #Olympian #NinjaLife #Laugh #Learn #Grow #Strength #Athlete #Fun #Love #Sasuke #flex #NinjaWarrior #GirlPower #training #handstands #perthisok #FitChicks #NinjaBabes #HartleysHairdressing #ninjawarriorau @wolfpackninjas @usanaau @hartleys_hair @whitewolfnutrition @beforeyouspeakcoffee @mymusclechef @ninjawarriorau ????????

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Not everyone will reach the level of Jack Wilson or Olivia Vivian, but this is an ideal example of the “complete ninja package”.

Now on the complete opposite personality end, you have Ashlin Herbert. Ashlin, or better known as Flashlin is one of the best and fastest Ninja Warriors in Australia. He came 3rd overall in the first season and is known for his smooth and often flawless runs. Anyone who knows Ashlin knows he’s a great person but he absolutely hates cameras!

Ashlin and I were in the ‘Melbourne Misfits’ crew for Season 2 and he hates talking on cameras and giving interviews. Ashlin is still a favourite with the public despite his ‘supposedly’ shy nature. Ashlin is humble and has an air of ‘coolness’ about him. He’s also one of the best, which might help a little 😉

If you’re camera shy, work on it by filming yourself and put it out on social media. Speak your mind or thoughts for the day and put it out to the public. This a great way to build your confidence behind the camera and prepare for national t.v!

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What an absolutely crazy experience that was!! Cant believe i managed to get furthest fastest for season 3 and have my name put up alongside @fred.dorrington and @robhpatterson after going up against some of the most incredible athletes/ people going around. This experience wouldnt be anywhere near as memorable if it wasnt for all the ninjas i met along the way and the time spent together… from going to spas to ten pin bowling and laser tag? The biggest thanks has to go to my family and friends that have supported me and provided a place for us to do what we love, this definitely wouldnt have happened if not for @peninsula_gymnastics_vic and @thecompoundtraining . It was so special to be able to share this moment with family and the best mates you could ask for. And of course thankyou to everyone that was involved in the creation of this season from camera crew to producers.

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Our New Champion! Charlie Robbins In my opinion had that perfect balance of charisma and likability, backed up with a god like amount of strength in him (I know, I train with the man). It’s really important you learn to BE YOU on camera!

3) Talk less

Could you summarise your life in 30 seconds?  Even I don’t think I could do that, but you need to try to minimise how much you spend talking. You have to captivate whoever is watching within 5s of your video or else they will lose interest. We are given 5 minutes for our video.  You have to answer 4 questions and demonstrate your physical attributes. If you spend 2-3 mins talking to the camera, you only have 2-3 mins max to show your physical strength!

If you have an epic backstory, that might be hard to summarise in 30 seconds but be as clear and to the point as you possibly can!

4) Show your Strengths

You need to demonstrate your abilities. Now If you’re trying to get into Ninja Warrior, I’m assuming you’re doing a bit of ninja training. Unless other modes of training are apart of backstory eg Olympic athlete, try and show as much ninja training as you can! Film everything you do going forward; so when you get ready to apply, you have an abundance of clips to choose from!



Fighting Lyons in Essendon.

The Compound Training in Bayswater.


Terrain Training on the Gold Coast.

Crank Indoor Climbing in Brisbane.


Ninja Playground & Fitness in Mt Druitt.

Burns Outdoor Obstacle Training in Bringelly.

Australian Warrior Fitness in North Gosford.


Base Camp in Royal Park.


Ninja Academy in Scarborough.

So now you know the secrets! I have followed these principles over the last 1.5 years and I might not have reached the celebrity status of Jack Wilson, but I definitely get my air-time which I’m very grateful for.


Compelling Story > Great Personality > Talk less > Show Strengths = High chance of getting on the show!


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