"If you want to be the best, you have to do things that other people aren't willing to do"

Michael Phelps

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  • Secrets of the Ninja Eps 27: The Phoenix - Najee Richardson September 27, 2020
    Hello everyone! What an episode I have for you! Najee Richardson the Phoenix joins us on the podcast! This man's life is like a movie. It's quite amazing the life he has already lived and the struggles he has dealt with. Najee is arguably the best ninja in the air with aerial awareness that is […]
    Kadeem Aarons
  • Secrets of the Ninja Eps 26: ANW 12 - Nick Hanson September 23, 2020
    What's going on everyone? Great episode for you today, bringing Nick Hanson The Eskimo Ninja back on! We met, of course, leading up to the start of the season back in March which was postponed due to Covid but with some work from the network, they managed to pull off a modified season!  Nick and […]
    Kadeem Aarons
  • Secrets of the Ninja Eps 25: The Deadly Ninja - Jack Wilson September 12, 2020
    What's going on people! Great episode for you today! I have The Deadly Ninja, Jack Wilson joining us on the podcast! Jack and I met on the set of the very first episode of Ninja Warrior filmed. He has since become a major ambassador for Indigenous health & wellbeing has gone to do a great […]
    Kadeem Aarons
  • Secrets of the Ninja Eps 24: Co-host of American Ninja Warrior - Akbar Gbaja-Biamila September 9, 2020
    Hello everyone! Wow, what an episode I have for you! Co-host of American Ninja Warrior, Akbar Gbaja-Biamila joins the podcast! We didn't get a chance to meet unfortunately due to the regular season being cancelled but it was great to finally meet the legend!  So interesting hearing his story and how it works being a […]
    Kadeem Aarons
  • AU Ninja Warrior Season 4 Total Victory Roundtable: Ben, Zak & Charlie August 21, 2020
    Hello Everyone! Wow, what an episode this is! 3 champions who Climb Mt Midoriyama in under 30s! Ben Polson climb one second faster than Charlie Robbins declaring him the winner and the first-ever Australian Ninja Warrior! But all these guys are champions. They have joined a very exclusive club of total victory, especially Zak and […]
    Kadeem Aarons

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