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  • Secrets of the Ninja Eps 37: Ninja Warrior Germany Finalist- Joel Mattli
    Hey everyone! Great episode for you today with my friend Joel Mattli from Switzerland!  Joel has competed on several versions of Ninja Warrior in Germany & Switzerland. We discuss Joel's experiences and the differences between the European Ninja Warrior franchises which I always find interesting to hear how they do things. Hope you enjoy! Remember […]
  • I am coming back
    What was meant to be a short break has turned into 7 weeks! I do apologise 😬 these podcasts to take quite some time to make and with life being so busy, I was loosing time and started loosing motivation. But I will keep going!
  • 2020 Podcast Wrap Up
    Last episode for the year, will drop my next interview in the new years. Thank you all for your support! It's a big year for the podcast with some great guests and first sponsor Ozigrip! Which you can get 10% using my code kadeem10. Merry Christmas & Happy new years!
  • Secrets of the Ninja Eps 36: Managing Parkinson's & Ninja - Jimmy Choi
    Hello Everyone! I have a fascinating episode for you with Jimmy Choi! Jimmy is a 4 x American Ninja Warrior and was diagnosed with young-onset Parkinson's Disease at the age of 27. After years of denial, weight gain and a fall with his child due to loss of motor control, he decided to a make […]
  • Secrets of the Ninja Eps 35: How to Create an Entertaining Persona - Chad Flexington
    What's going on everyone? Great episode for you today with Chad Flexington who real name is Ben Udy. We talk about his journey to Ninja Warrior and how he came up with the Chad Flexington persona. I really enjoyed this chat because Ben really shows that you don't just have to just have a story, you […]
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