"If you want to be the best, you have to do things that other people aren't willing to do"

Michael Phelps

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  • Inspired to Apply for Season 5 of Australia Ninja Warrior? Please listen! August 9, 2020
    Hello people! Who is pumped for the grand finale of Australia Ninja Warrior? Something that has become increasingly obvious to me, that the show is really highlighting, is experience really matters! Most of the competitors that you are about to see are established Ninjas. Even the ones that are debuting, for the most part, train […]
    Kadeem Aarons
  • AU Ninja Warrior Season 4 Eps 4 Roundtable: Charlie, Bryson, Fred, Jordy, Rainer, Matt & Rob August 3, 2020
    Wow, what an episode this was! So many talented ninjas packed into one podcast! Episode 4 of Australia Ninja Warrior saw some of the best ninjas from the last 3 seasons together battling it out for a spot at the power tower with 10 buzzers being smashed! We also have the 3 furthest, fastest ninjas […]
    Kadeem Aarons
  • AU Ninja Warrior Season 4 Eps 3 Roundtable: Sam & Matt August 2, 2020
    Hey everyone! Today is a great episode with Sam Goodall & Matt Filippi. Both are returning grand finalists with loads of experience. It was a very interesting course, as it was doable but very technical which event took out some of the great ninjas. These guys ended up on top being the fastest 2 competitors […]
    Kadeem Aarons
  • AU Ninja Warrior Season 4 Eps 2 Roundtable: Ben, Olivia, Sarah & Raphaela August 1, 2020
    What's going on everyone! I have a fantastic episode for you today with a great group of ninjas. Sarah Blackmore making her ninja debut as well returning ninja Raphaela Widget and veterans/power couple Ben Polson & Olivia Vivian. Ben and Olivia were the only 2 athletes to finish the course and both making it to […]
    Kadeem Aarons
  • AU Ninja Warrior Season 4 Eps 1 Roundtable: Ashlin, Zak, Dan & Troy July 31, 2020
    Hello everyone! Awesome start to The Ninja Warrior season in Australia, I assembled 4 ninjas, Ashlin Herbert, Zak Stolz, Dan Mason & Troy Cullen who were in the top 10 that night for a roundtable discussion on what happened and how they handled themselves on the course. Ashlin & Dan were the two top competitors […]
    Kadeem Aarons

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