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  • Secrets of the Ninja Eps 32: 2 x ANW Jr Champion - Vance Walker
    What's going on everyone? Great episode for you today with Vance Walker! He is the only competitor on the 2 seasons of American Ninja Warrior Junior to win back to back which is super impressive!  We talk about how he got into ninja and how the format of ANW jr. Vance was actually one of […]
  • Getting Ready for Ninja Auditions
    Hey everyone! Quick one from me about Ninja Warrior Auditions in Australia! They are around the corner 😬 I talk about how the they have progressed over the years and what to look out for in the physical test.
  • Secrets of the Ninja Eps 31: Mindset Really Matters - Jessica Helmer
    What's going on everyone? I have a great episode for you today with Jessica helmer who competed for her first time on this current season of American Ninja Warrior! This is a really important episode I believe because her story really reinforces what I've been saying about mindset and why the pros are pros. We […]
  • Secrets of the Ninja Eps 30: ANW National Finalist - Abby Clark
    What's going on everyone! Great episode today with Abby Clark! She is an awesome ninja from the US who has competed on a few seasons of Ninja Warrior.  Was great hearing how she discovered ninja and her journey and how she approaches training and the show. I hope you enjoy! Build superior grip strength with superior […]
  • How to Create a Ninja Application Despite Covid
    What's going on? Just a quick thought I had. I've spoken to some people who really aren't sure about how to create a story about their lives during this pandemic. Everyone has been in a same boat to an extent so it's going to be hard to stand out. I give my 2 cents on […]
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