"If you want to be the best, you have to do things that other people aren't willing to do"

Michael Phelps

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  • Secrets of the Ninja Eps 23: The German Beastmaster - Max Sprenger July 9, 2020
    Hello Everyone! Great episode today with Max Sprenger. He is 4 x German Ninja Warrior finalist and came 2nd Season 3 of The Ultimate Beastmaster.  It was great hearing about some of the other formats of Ninja Warrior. Chatting with Max made me realise that sometimes, no matter how good of an athlete you are, […]
    Kadeem Aarons
  • Secrets of the Ninja Eps 22: From Cancer to Ninja - Tash Sergi July 2, 2020
    What's going on everyone! Great episode today with my friend Tash who probably one of the strongest female ninjas in Australia. Tash's story is remarkable as she was able to overcome some massive obstacles in her life at a young age. There are a lot of valuable lessons in this episode so I hope you […]
    Kadeem Aarons
  • Secrets of the Ninja Eps 21: The Ultimate Beastmaster - Corbin Mackin June 25, 2020
    What's up people! I'm bringing you an awesome episode today. Corbin Mackin is a 3 x Competitor on Ninja Warrior UK and the winner of Season 3 of the "Ultimate Beastmaster" on Netflix. Corbin served in the British Army, seeing in action in Afghanistan with the 3 Commando Brigade.  This is an amazing story of […]
    Kadeem Aarons
  • The Obstacle that is Covid 19: Blessing or Curse? June 19, 2020
    Hello everyone! Hope you are well and have enjoyed the podcast so far! I will putting out some new interviews over the next few weeks. I wanted to talk about the Obstacle of Covid 19; was it a blessing for you or a curse?
    Kadeem Aarons
  • Secrets of the Ninja Eps 20: Strength is Ageless - Virginia Maccoll May 28, 2020
    What's going on everyone? Hope you are well! I took a break from the podcast but really happy to bring you this one! Ginny Maccoll Is a American Ninja Warrior who after seeing her daughter, Jessie Graff, crushing it in the ninja world, wanted to be able to do a pull-up at the young age […]
    Kadeem Aarons

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