How To Develop Your Camera Presence For TV

Season 4 applications for Australian Ninja Warrior & Season 11 of American Ninja Warrior are open!

I’m sure it’s hard enough sometimes working out what to say in your application that doesn’t sound too corny, but what’s really important is camera presence!

A lot of people really don’t like being on camera, it can be daunting! But I’m going to give you 3 key tips to help you become a natural pro in front of the camera ?.

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What does that mean? I’m not quite sure what everyone fears when it comes to being on camera but I guess it’s a tool that allows you in today’s world to make something that can be seen by a lot of people, which understandably can make a lot of people a bit self-conscious.

So what I suggest is, imagine the camera is simply your best friend and you’re only talking to that one person. That can help you relax a lot be more natural ?.


I’ve seen quite a few audition videos and a lot of people aren’t very enthusiastic or themselves when making them. I know you don’t like it if your monotone or being super reserved, why would the T.V producers pick you for a T.V show? Ninja Warrior is a T.V show first, sport 2nd.

If you find you’re not being yourself a little trick I suggest you do is open your eyes a bit and add a small smile. Don’t exaggerate, make it a slight change but it makes a huge difference to how you present yourself! Your voice will naturally elevate, making it a bit louder and clear!


And no I don’t mean add crying on cue ? or making it dramatic and over the top. Have you ever heard a teacher, coach talk or someone giving a speech and their vocal tones never elevated over a certain pitch? What happens? Your mind starts to wander and you get bored. Well, the producers are the same way!

If you naturally can’t do this, think of someone in your life who was a great teacher or coach. Why did you like them? How did they keep your attention? Enthusiasm, humour and I’m sure they did these things with a smile!

So when you’re presenting your story on camera, think about the moments in your story and break them down to there emotions; this bit is designed to be funny, sad or dramatic. Allow those emotions to reveal themselves in your speech, face ect.

Combining these tips will make your application much animated and appealing! Good luck ?


P.S If you need help, feel free to reach out to me I’m more active on Instagram @5.2ninja

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